Cyberculture of remembrance in the video game


Lecturer: Remigiusz Kopoczek
Company: ARP Games, University of Silesia
Date: 26.10.2019
Place: The Communication University of China (CUC)

The text analyzes the role of video games in the historical memory, basing on the polish and european video games. It explores social processes of forgetting and remembering past events in the collective memory, addressing research methods on video games and examining main assumptions of the game.


Remigiusz Kopoczek is co-creator of the Video Games and Virtual Space Design course at the University of Silesia’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, which has received the Minister of Science and Higher Education’s distinction in 2013. A Laureate of the 2014 Minister of Science and Higher Education’s team award for didactic achievements for the development of an innovative, practical artistic course – Video Games and Virtual Space Design. Co-creator and organizer of the LAG (Summer Games Academy). The originator, co-founder and the CEO of the first Polish video games accelerator ARP Games, established by the Industrial Development Agency, University of Silesia’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Cieszyn County. In the years 2012 – 2016 Deputy Dean for Education and Students in University of Silesia’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. Co-author and participant of numerous video games design-related projects, including: PWP Video Games and Virtual Space Design – Innovative Development of Second Degree Program Based on Foreign Partner’s Experience, or LAG Festival of Art and Independent Games.


ARP Games – first Polish video games accelerator. The main goal of ARP Games is supporting the development of the video games industry in Poland. The main element of the offered support is a possibility of receiving the accelerator’s help in the production of an original game idea by individuals without an access to necessary financial, organisational and personnel resources.

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