About the Festival


Exporting culture. Chinese audiences discover the cultural richness of Chopin’s homeland

The most important events of the 4th Edition of the Festival are:

  • performances by pianist Grzegorz Niemczuk, a tour in June 2019 including  music halls in Beijing, Zibo, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Chongqing, and October workshops and concert in Fujian province
  • series of lectures and workshops by representatives of the Polish video game industry at the Polish Video Games Event at Aniwow! during October [Aniwow! 2019] 14th China (Beijing) Student Animation Festival at the prestigious Communication University of China
  • concerts of jazz group „Circles of Art Orchestra”, in December 2019 in Fujian province
  • exhibitions and art workshops, among others: exhibition “Kubica, Tobolewski – Circled with a stain, painted with a line” at the Museum of History of Katowice and an exhibition of Sebastian Kubica’s posters in Beijing.

Time of artistic activities of the 4th Polish Circles of Art in China Festival: from June 2019 to January 2020.

The Polish Circles of Art in China Festival has been established in 2016 by the Circles of Art Foundation. The following three years expanded its promotional scope, exceeding a 1 billion audience. So far, Polish visual artists, musicians, film-makers and video producers have showcased their work during the Polish Circles of Art in China Festival in 16 cities in the PRC; hosted in prestigious concert halls and exhibition spaces in Beijing. Among them were actor Maciej Zakościelny, visual artists: Sebastian Kubica, Ksawery Kaliski, Konrad Czernik and musicians from the Royal String Quartet, Dagadana, Maria Ludwika Gabryś, Mateusz Borowiak. During the 3rd edition, a unique jazz project entitled Circles of Art Orchestra was established, headed by Wojciech Konikiewicz and created by Wojciech Majewski, CEO of the Circles of Art Foundation.