The Power and Energy of Music in Fuzhou

After successful performances in June during the 4th edition of our Polish Circles of Art in China Festival, Grzegorz Niemczuk also took part in the autumn part of this event.
On October 24, 2019, the Polish pianist gave an excellent concert at the Fujian Grand Theater in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. It was attended by government officials, music lovers as well as students and teachers from universities visited by our pianist. The nearly five-hundred room was full. Repertoire and perfect performance – these are the elements that always capture listeners of our master’s concerts. The performance ended with two encores and ovations. More here.
Grzegorz Niemczuk’s concert and masterclass workshops took place thanks to invitation addressed to the Circles of Art in China Festival from the Fujian Foreign Affairs Department as a part of the Festival of European Culture in the province.
Liu Yanyan from the Fujian Foreign Affairs Department did not hide enthusiasm: – It’s a perfect ending of this Evening! Bravo! Incredible! We love it! May we always enjoy Chopin’s music – she said.
– It was a feast for the eyes and ears! She added. – Each song was played so beautifully. I could definitely feel the power, energy and emotions of music. I was so surprised that the audience asked for two encores. It was a huge success.
Special thanks go to Wojciech Majewski and Grzegorz Niemczuk for coming to Fujian Province and sharing Chopin’s music with us. We are looking forward to next concerts in the near future – concluded Liu Yanyan.
Photos from the concert