Sebastian Kubica – cultural ambassador in China

The “Poster by Kubica” exhibition, which opened on December 7 in the fashionable Mazi Bookstore, aroused great interest in the widely understood opinion-forming group of the Chinese capital.
Filled with books four levels of Mazi Bookstore are an attractive setting for the carefully selected works of Sebastian Kubica, among which we presented our posters awarded at international biennials in Japan, China, Germany, Ecuador and Poland. The unique atmosphere of the vernissage was co-created by numerous guests interested in everything we proposed as part of the Beijing event ‘Enea concerts and exhibitions. 4th Polish Circles of Art Festival in China. ” And they were not accidental – academics of Beijing’s humanities and arts universities, art historians, artists and adepts of academic art faculties.
The exhibition and vernissage were all the more interesting because they were enriched with a lecture about the Polish School of Posters. Sebastian Kubica in an engaging way, supported by knowledge of what may arouse interest in China, and what needs to be explained, because it is incomprehensible due to cultural differences, showed participants the important chapter in the history of Polish art.
Additional value was a very high level of skills of people who after the vernissage and lecture participated in art workshops by the artist. They all received specially prepared for this list of certificates signed by our cultural ambassador – master Sebastian Kubica.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition
Photos from lecture and workshop