Last jazz concert in China

On December 13, the Circles of Art Orchestra performed their last performance this year during their performances in Fujian Province as part of “Enea – concerts and exhibitions”; this time, their music called for enthusiasm in Xiamen. In the “Sea Garden”, as the Chinese call the port city on the Taiwan Strait, Polish artists played the same repertoire that in recent days among the public in Fuzhou, a capital of the province, evoked enthusiastic emotions – encore, screams and squeaks. Besides a set of the band’s leader, Wojciech Konikiewicz, the musicians played jazz arrangements of folk songs from Poland and China. Already after the first bars the audience recognized the well-known “Liuyang River”, Wang Jiang Zhou. The audience also lively reacted to the jazz interpretation of the well-known melody “Jadą goście, jadą”, or “A na polu Sośnia”. How do you want to get this ease of perception of Polish folk music in a Chinese audience? – The bridge for these two cultures in music is pentatonics, i.e. a scale of 5 degrees, built into an octave, which can occur in both folklore – as the band leader Wojciech Konikiewicz explains. In the Circles of Art Orchestra are: Maciej Matysiak, Damian Niewiński, Cyprian Baszyński, Maciej Kądziela, Michał Rosicki. More about the jazz band.

Concert at Fujian Grand Theater (Fuzhou)
Concert at Fujian Preschool Education College (Fuzhou)
Concert at Xiamen University (Xiamen)