Games: Fine arts in Game development

Information about the workshop:

Author: Karolina Koszuta Caban
Date: 26.10.2019
Venue: The Communication University of China (CUC), Beijing

How do we use ‘fine arts’ in the field of computer games?
First: Knowledge – knowledge that Fine Arts bring (perspective, color, composition, light) is incredibly useful in creating graphics and levels for video games.
Second: Inspiration – Fine Arts are an endless source of artistic and conceptual inspiration for video games.
And the last: Technique – traditional technique (drawing, painting) can be combined with video games – transferring a traditional work of art into a computer environment.
The last question – are games art? The answer: they are becoming art. Video games are another genre of Visual Arts. It’s a new style of visual storytelling.
Karolina Koszuta Caban is a Design graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice and a co-founder of Carbon Studio. Her interest in contemporary forms of art and new media, such as virtual reality, allows her to dive into such areas of game development as environment design, virtual modeling, and other aspects of harnessing new technologies in emerging forms of Entertainment. Her experience and diverse interests allow her to shape the ways in which Carbon Studio grows and enters new VR markets.