Łódź Film School at Central Academy of Fine Arts

On 29th November the students of Łódź Film School (Poland) taking part in 2. ‘Polish Circles of Art in China Festival’ visited Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (CAFA).
They were invited by Professor Xiao Yong (from CAFA), who was impressed with their photographies exhibited in 1+1 Art Centre Beijing (the exhibition can still be seen till 3rd December).
The Polish students enjoyed their visit a lot and they were particularly amazed with the CAFA Museum, a monumental gallery founded in the 60’s of the 20th century, which exhibits over thirteen thousand works of art.
CAFA is the most prestigious academy of fine arts in China. Website: (EN) http://www.cafa.edu.cn/aboutcafa/lan/?c=1101, (CN) http://www.cafa.edu.cn/. Museum of CAFA: http://museum.cafa.com.cn/cn.